Friday, August 5, 2011

My first time.....blogging August 5,2011

Just yesterday word "blog" had no meaning to me other, than slang word in virtual,computerized world I had no intention to join,for a simple reason- I was born in generation of letters,simple home phone and personal human contact...I got my first beeper when I was 35 , well... not that I am so ancient, I just was always somewhat behind and lost in "tech world".
Yet here I am ! Trying to navigate in this maze of posts,settings,options,windows, so unfamiliar , for a simple reason- to expand my world,my horizons.
Yes, I am going out of my comfort zone and I don't know what will become of this journey, but taking this step into my future I am hoping to be that good 'link" in our human chain...
To me this moment is:  Life after I started blogging.

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Dzieki za kazde mile slowo i wizyte u mnie!

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